The Minstrel specializes in creating amazing original musical scores for just about every style, genre, and medium. These include commercials, documentaries, jingles as well as feature-length and independent films. We can create a score to complete your Mobile App or Video Game. We help to craft music that meets the needs of your unique project. It is with our very own custom-built in-house recording facility, we can facilitate almost any musical need that your original score might require.


One of our most popular requests includes what we call Sound-A-Likes. These are original scores we have re-crafted from popular film themes. All created at a fraction of the cost of the original. They are also produced in such a unique and original way that they allow you the same feel and vibe of the original score. Yet are re-imagined in such a unique way, as to allow you their unlimited use without issues of Copyright infringement and all the Copyright issues that usually accompany the use of an original commercial score. You can look through our website to see a number of these examples in our Sound-A-Likes portfolio.


We provide a full range music library. Our vasts libraries include categories and genres such as Jazz, Cinematic, Upbeat, Acoustic, Corporate, and Games.  New scores are added to these libraries each month. All standard scores in our Royalty Free libraries are reasonably priced at $4.99 each. But more importantly. We also offer something few Royalty Free Scoring Houses provide. That is the ability to customize any score found in our sound libraries. This includes but is not limited to modifying the scores length, key, instrumentation, arrangement, tempo, mix or simply make it loop. You have a variety of options.

We also offer Exclusive Rights to all scores in each of our sound libraries if you should choose to own a score outright. For pricing on the items mentioned above, simply correspond with us through our Contact page.


If purchasing multiple scores becomes too costly. The Minstrel also offers a subscription option. If you require the purchase of multiple scores on a regular basis. We also provide a subscription option which will allow you full access to all Minstrel royalty-free libraries for a single subscription fee. For more details. You can view those via our Subscription page.

Our hope is to speak with you directly to determine your specific needs. Let us answer your questions and provide you with the quality of music you need at a price you can afford.