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Terms of Agreement:

All purchased scores are active to re-download 10 days of purchase.

Permission is hereby granted to the user to reproduce the audio/sound/score listed in your purchase which has been composed and produced by The Minstrel for the purpose of self-use and or promotion. Which can include but is not limited to, Commercials, Online websites, Radio, Advertising, Film, Television, Youtube Channels and or Podcasting. Furthermore, with your purchase, are granted creative permission to alter the audio/sound/score. However, you are not granted permission to resale or use the audio/sound/score in a manner that would exploit or cause malicious representation toward The Minstrel and its composers, their work, company and or its associates.

Under this agreement, the individual/company may have unrestricted use of the include audio/sound/score, except where *noted.

See composers rights below.

*The composer/writer has the continued ownership and rights to this audio/sound/score and to generate future funds from this specific audio/sound/score and to make this audio/sound/score available for any future compensation from projects and clients outside of the listed individual/company in this royalty free agreement.

Please be Advised:
Any unauthorized abuse of your use of this audio/sound/score outside of this agreement may result in legal action. So please respect this agreement and enjoy your downloads. 

Thank you,
The Minstrel

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