Thank you for finding The Minstrel. We are your one-stop scoring & production house for all things music. If you are looking for a special original score to complete your independent movie, documentary, video game, podcast, commercial, or feature film, we are here to bring you exactly that.

We provide original music written and produced in any number of familiar genres. Our gifted team of composers are available to offer their talents in the areas of film, television, radio, and new media. Which only scratch the surface of their ability and skill set. We also offer a vast Royalty-Free music library of original and ready to use scores in any number of genres for you to choose from.

With our very own custom-built in-house recording facility, we can facilitate just about any musical need that your project might require. One of our specialties includes what we call Sound-A-Likes. These are original scores we have composed which are reimagined versions of popular songs and film themes.

These Sound-A-Like scores can be commissioned at a fraction of the cost of the original. These scores are also produced in such a unique and original way that they allow you the same feel, mood, and vibe of the popular original score. Yet allow you their unlimited use without the issue of copyright infringement and the fees that usually accompany the use of popular commercial music. We encourage you to look and listen through our portfolio samples of  Sound-A-Likes to see a number of these examples.